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top 10 Tips for Making the Most of AIPC’s Generative AI

top 10 Tips for Making the Most of AIPC’s Generative AI

Guess what? Generative AI is all about you now.

Guess what? Generative AI is all about you now.

Microsoft just announced Copilot+, a generative AI model that runs on laptops, not in the cloud. It gives you many new ways to get more out of your meeting notes, calendar, photos, recordings, downloads - all your digital content. For example, it might:
Suggest that you schedule a follow-up meeting with your boss at 11:00 am. on Tuesday because your notes suggest that meetings at that time are more productive.

Find a photo of you and your grandmother at the beach when you were 7 years old.
Look for advice on what to buy a friend for their birthday based on your recent conversations.
That’s what we’ve always thought of Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. And maybe more to come.
Copilot+ was announced ahead of Microsoft’s Build developer conference in Seattle. Meanwhile, a stable of PC makers including Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft and Samsung have announced a new class of laptops called AIPCs that are powerful enough to run AI apps like Copilot+ on the device. .

The first AIPCs are built around Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon X Elite and Snapdragon X Plus, which Microsoft says are currently the only Windows processors with enough horsepower to use Copilot+ effectively.
“So many people are so busy around here,” said Alex Katouzian, general manager of Qualcomm’s mobile, computing and XR group.
“If we can ask our laptops to pull something together instead of looking everywhere for what we need, we can save hours. I’m really looking forward to that.
The Source of Generative AI
The Source of Generative AI In the current situation, the status quo is changing rapidly -  even in the technology that first convinced us with its capabilities only 18 months ago when OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, Kleenex .
of generative AI models. Generative AI is so transformative that almost anyone who can speak or write can have it write essays, create art, and even program computers.


OpenAI ChatGPT and Google Twin are even easier and more interesting to use.
If evidence from recent events is to be believed, the new models have impressively realistic conversational capabilities that help with writing or even just brainstorming.
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At this rate, it may soon be difficult to distinguish between performing tasks with AI models and collaborating with other humans.
Summer is still a month away and there are other blockbusters to come, including the main computer industry trade show in Taiwan, Computex, and WWDC, Apple’s developer conference.

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Laptop or cloud?
Cloud-based mega-models can do everything Copilot+ can do with a capable laptop  -  and more.
Which begs the obvious question: why bother building AIPC laptops?
Using generative AI is definitely beneficial for everyone.
The biggest generative AI models and the unimaginably massive datasets they were trained on are undoubtedly more powerful, more professional, and now more eloquent. But the largest models and data stores are too large to fit into many data centers, let alone laptops.
Google Search Just Got Better: Google All In On AI and Gemini: How It Affects Your Google Searches
Do You Really Need a Generative AI Model That Can Create a Rembrandt-Style Painting to Find a Cousin in Your Photo Collection? It’s huge - like taking a piece of wood to Home Depot to be cut with a massive table saw when you could do it on site with your own tools.

Pushing generative AI models onto a laptop is not only more efficient.
It is also private. Microsoft says everything Copilot+ does stays on the laptop. So your personal data doesn’t end up in the cloud where others can use it to train new models. Or worse.

Do you need AIPC?
In short, no.
Many recent laptops are powerful enough to handle Copilot+. But they will drain your battery. So don’t delete them.
The new AIPC notebooks are built on processors with highly focused and powerful engines capable of handling all the devices offered by Copilot+ and other AI applications.
And they won’t drain your battery.
Today, Microsoft says Qualcomm is the only vendor of computer processors with an AI engine  - an NPU in industry parlance  -  powerful and efficient enough to reduce AIPC.
But things are changing fast.
Look for AMD and Intel to announce their AIPC releases at Computex next month.
And what Apple will finally reveal at WWDC is anyone’s guess..

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