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Copilot+PC, Microsoft gives laptops a new AI shine

Copilot+PC, Microsoft gives laptops a new AI shine

While people may enjoy the results of a personal makeover, we rarely see our tried and true devices get a similar makeover. However, PCs — especially Windows-based laptops — are making a major comeback thanks to the debut of a new category that Microsoft and its major PC partners are calling microsoft.s Copilot+ PCs.

Copilot+ PCs are next-generation AI PCs that combine new hardware features with a new version of Windows to deliver new experiences for all types of PC users. With all the focus on artificial intelligence these days, it’s probably no surprise to learn that one of the main advances in Copilot+ computers is improving the performance of applications and services that use artificial intelligence.

For example, a new feature called Recall in a special edition of Windows published by Microsoft as part of this announcement gives your computer extensive digital memory.
The recall function allows you to search or browse any documents, zoom calls, emails or other work done on the device much more efficiently than traditional search functions.

Do you remember having a conversation with a colleague or family member about an upcoming trip, but can’t remember exactly when or where it happened? Recall helps you find where the reference happened and gives you the exact context of how it happened.
But that’s not the only advantage. The first generation of these new Copilot+ laptops is based on a chip architecture from Arm (the same company that provides the technology behind the M-series chips that power today’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air), and the chips are built by Qualcomm .
The chip can be compatible with computers with Mac performance

The ARM-based designs that run in almost every smartphone in the world are known for lower power consumption than conventional x86-based chips from companies such as Intel and AMD. This means they can master the ultra-slim design, long battery life and impressive performance that have made today’s Macs a popular choice for many.

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However, with all major vendors including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Asus and Microsoft (via the Surface line) actively participating in this industry-wide effort, Windows users have significantly more design options. and settings if ever provided by Apple.

Also, one of the main differences between the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus chips at the heart of these new models is that they have a new component called the Neural Processing Unit (NPU). An NPU, best understood as an artificial intelligence accelerator, is a new computer component specifically designed to perform certain types of operations much faster and more efficiently than the main processor or graphics card alone.


This new NPU enables functions like the previously mentioned callback. It can also be used to improve the performance and power of video conferencing applications, content creation tools, game resolutions and more. The most interesting thing is that it offers the possibility to run some creative applications with artificial intelligence, such as automatic text and image generation, directly on the computer without an Internet connection.
Internet is still required for some applications.
To be clear, popular AI applications such as OpenAI ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, and many others still require an Internet connection, and many of them will not see much (if any) benefit from Copilot+ computers.
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But as these tools and online services mature and the number of Copilot+ computers in people’s hands increases, businesses are expected to take advantage of the improved processing power that these new NPUs enable. In other words, you’ll get AI-powered performance from the new Copilot+ PC, and even more as hybrid AI (which can leverage both cloud and on-premise capabilities) evolves. general

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At today’s launch event, Microsoft announced that their new Copilot+ computers will start at $999 and are available for pre-order today. Delivery and in-store availability will begin on June 18. In addition, each computer vendor reported that they have several different versions available simultaneously for consumers and businesses.
As a hardware category over 40 years old, computers have seen many changes over the past few decades, but the release of the new Copilot+ computers is probably one of the biggest.
By making the NPU a new standard part of the computer architecture, PCs can begin to benefit from the tremendous rapid growth of AI-based software and services, perfectly timed for the recent release. Given the stage we’re still at with AI software, the great news about these Copilot+ computers is that their performance and capabilities will improve over time. Now that’s the kind of makeover anyone can appreciate..

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