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Why Should You Use Money-Saving Sites to Find an EV Charging Station?

Why Should You Use Money-Saving Sites to Find an EV Charging Station?


The web as we know it is changing. It started in November 2022 with the launch of ChatGPT. Why visit a website when you can get your information through an easy-to-use chatbot?


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Now that more and more people are relying on artificial intelligence, and it’s already integrated into the applications we use, you can expect the opportunities to grow. After all, visits (and ad views and product sales) pay the bills.
But the website isn’t dead, because it isn’t. I have a few good ones up my sleeve. If you look carefully, you can find some places worth visiting.
Want to add something to my list? Go to Reddit’s (unofficial) Komando page and tick any cool sites that don’t apply to you but that you want to share.

List of Websites to Check
CamelCamelCamel: A useful tool when shopping on Amazon. You can track prices, display product price history, and set item price drop alerts. It is important to see when their prices are going up like crazy to make a good “buy”.

Futurepedia – If you’re interested in AI but don’t know where to start, check out this huge library of AI tools. It’s great whether you’re looking for something specific to your business or just want to play around. You can search by name, category or use case.

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Radio Station – Listen to live radio stations from around the world on an interactive map. It’s a lot of fun. Especially if you are a radio addict like me. Hey, you might stumble upon my show.
Google Art & Culture: Place: Select a country or city and explore high-resolution photos and artwork from that cultural center. You can also visit the museum collection. I like to do this before going in person.

PlugShare: A detailed map of EV and Tesla charging stations around the world. Once you enter your origin and destination, the site will track your route and show you all the toll stations along the way.
Honey: Save money on your purchases with this browser extension that automatically adds promo codes and sends discount notifications. PayPal’s website saves people an average of $126 per year. I use it all the time. It’s very easy and automatically adds the code.
KTool – Use your Kindle to get more books by delivering articles, X topics and publications easily to your door. It’s still great to read on a device without notifications.

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Campflare, CampScanner and Dreaming of a sold-out campsite? The site will notify you when someone cancels a reservation so you can book properly. Soon you’ll be sleeping under the stars.
SeniorLiving – Find where you can save money on grocery stores, restaurants and more with our list of senior deals. Don’t wait until you’re 65 to check out this list. Some offers start when you turn 50.
AntennaWeb: Want to know what channels you can still watch if you cancel your streaming subscription? This site shows all the free-to-air channels available in your area. In some places there are dozens!

Social Security Administration: How much does Social Security cost? Search by creating an account on the official website. This way, you can see information about your earnings history and expected benefits, including retirement. (Well, maybe less than you want, but more than you think.)
Best Book Lists: This huge database of popular book recommendations gives you a new way to choose what to read. Find recommendations from entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, celebrities like Taylor Swift, and authors like Gretchen Rubin.
SwipeWell – Calling all small business owners and marketing professionals seeking excellence. Check out hundreds of examples of successful landing pages, online courses, lead magnets, and more. Think about every moment you live.
Image:… Need a color scheme for something? On the home page, click Launcher and press the spacebar to display a new color palette. Bonus: It looks great!
AI Issue: Better than ChatGPT in most cases. I am also using Poe AI. PSA: Don’t pay monthly fees for a chatbot until you’re comfortable with it. Wait a month to see if you think it’s worth the money..

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