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Dark Side of Telegram: Fakes

Dark Side of Telegram

the Dark Side of Telegram

as been used to spread hateful messages and illegal activities such as illegal pornography, criminal contacts and illegal goods and services such as drugs and stolen personal information. Dark Side of Telegram. According to Wired, Telegram does almost no content control except to remove illegal pornography and incitement to violence..

What is Telegram?

Developer(s)Telegram FZ LLC
Telegram Messenger Inc.
Initial release14 August 2013; 10 years ago
Stable release(s) [±] 
Written inDesktop: C++CJavaPython
Android: Java
iOS: Swift
PlatformAndroidiOSWindowsWindows PhonemacOSLinuxWeb platformWear OSWatchOS
Available in66 (officially 12) languages[5][6]
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TypeInstant messaging
LicenseGNU GPLv3 only with OpenSSL linking exception (clients),[7] proprietary (server)[8]

Telegram Messenger Inc

FoundedMarch 2013; 10 years ago
HeadquartersTortolaBritish Virgin Islands
(legal domicile)[9]
DubaiUnited Arab Emirates
(operational center)
Area servedWorldwide
Founder(s)Nikolai DurovPavel Durov
CEOPavel Durov


Telegram was founded in 2013 by brothers Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov. Before Telegram, they co-founded the Russian social network, VK, which they exited in 2014 claiming that the government had taken control of the platform. Pavel sold his remaining share in VK and quit Russia after facing government pressure.

Nikolai Durov developed the underlying protocol, MTProto, which is the foundation of Telegram Messenger. Pavel Durov provided funding and infrastructure via his Digital Fortress fund.

According to the Telegram Messenger website, the ultimate goal of the company is not to make money. However, it is not organized as a nonprofit organization.

Telegram is registered in the UK Virgin Islands as a company and in Dubai as an LLC. The company does not reveal where it leases offices or what legal entities it leases them to, citing the need “to protect the team from undue influence” and “to protect users from government data requests”. After leaving Russia in 2014, Pavel reportedly moved around the world with a small team of 15 core programmers. According to an ex-employee of VK, Telegram had employees in St. Petersburg. Pavel reportedly made Berlin, Germany its headquarters in 2014. However, due to the lack of German residence permits for all on the team, he moved to other jurisdictions at the beginning of 2015. As of 2017, Telegram is based in Dubai. Telegram has a complicated corporate structure with shell companies to delay submission of government subpoenas.


Most Telegram accounts are linked to phone numbers, which are verified via SMS or phone calls. An update in December 2022 introduced the option to sign up with no phone number, but instead by using +888 numbers purchased on the Telegram platform, which are connected to the user’s TON wallet account.

You can create an account on either iOS or Android, regardless of which platform you plan to use. You can add or delete multiple devices to your Telegram account, and you can receive messages on any device. You can remove connected devices one at a time, and you can change the associated number at any time.

Your contacts will automatically receive your new number when you change the number. You can set up your user name as an alias, which allows you to send or receive messages without revealing your phone number.

Telegram accounts can be removed at any time, and they are automatically deleted after six months, by default. You can change the deletion period from 1 month to 12 months with a range of between. You can also change the exact “last seen” timestamps to broader messages, such as “last seen recently”.

SMS-based Single-Factor Authentication is Telegram’s default authentication method. By default, a one-time password is sent to the user’s phone number via SMS.

Users can also create their own password as a two-step authentication method.

In late 2022, Telegram started testing the ability to send users’ one-time one-time codes via email for a limited number of users.

Additionally, Telegram is testing integrations with Apple and Google, which allow users to sign in to groups, bots, and channels with verified social media pages or Wikipedia pages, but not to user accounts.

Some users have been allowed to have their accounts verified in the past, but this is no longer the case.

The accounts of users who have purchased Telegram’s Premium subscription are labeled with a star, which can be changed to any emojis the user chooses.

cloude based masseges

Telegram’s default messaging is cloud-based. Messages can be accessed from any of the users’ connected devices. Messages can be shared with photos, videos and audio messages, as well as other files (2GB per file). Messages can be sent to individual users or in groups with 200,000+ members. Messages can be edited within 48 hours of being sent. Messages can be deleted on both sides at any time. All messages in all chats (including groups and channels) can be auto-deleted after 24h, 7h or a month (this will only work after auto-deletion timer is enabled). People can respond to messages by selecting from a wide range of emojis. Users can send only one reaction. Tap on any other user’s reaction and it will be switched to that user’s. A list of the people who reacted to the message is available in groups. In personal chats, reactions are always on. However, in groups, the admin must enable them, either in full or in part, with a limited number of reactions.

Telegram offers drafts that are synchronized between a user’s devices, for example when a user starts writing a message on one device and can then continue on another device. Black remains in the edit area of ​​each device until it is sent or deleted. All chats, including groups and channels, can be sorted into custom folders defined by the user. Users have the ability to schedule messages in private chat rooms when the other party is online. Users can also import chat history, including messages and media from WhatsApp, Line and Kakaotalk, to transfer data by creating a new chat to save messages or adding them to an existing one.Cloud messaging to Telegram servers is encrypted using the MTProto protocol, while both#039;Secret Chats and#039; use end-to-end encryption based on the same protocol. According to Telegram’s privacy policy, “all data is stored in strong encryption and the encryption keys are in any case in several other data centers in different jurisdictions.” In this way, local engineers and physical intruders cannot access users and data”. Telegram’s local message database is not encrypted by default. Some Telegram clients allow users to encrypt the local message database by setting a password.Telegram users can share their real-time location in a chat for 15 minutes, one hour or eight hours. When multiple users share their real-time location in a group, they appear on an interactive map. and;living place and can be terminated at any time..

Secret chats

Messages can also be sent with client-client encryption in so-called secret chat rooms. These messages are encrypted using the MTProto service protocol. Unlike Telegram’s cloud-based messaging, messages sent in a secret chat can only be accessed on the device that started the secret chat and received the secret chat. Basically, messages sent in secret chats can be deleted at any time and can self-destruct if desired.Secret conversations must be initiated and accepted by invitation where session encryption keys are exchanged. Secret chat users can verify that an attack has not occurred by comparing images that depict their public key fingerprints.According to Telegram, secret chats support full forward secrecy since December 2014. Encryption keys are sometimes changed if the key has been used more than 100 times or has been used for more than a week. Old encryption keys are destroyed.secret chats are only available in the Android, iOS and macOS clients of the app..

Groups and Channels

Telegram users can create and join groups and channels. Groups are large multi-user discussions that support up to 200,000 members and can be public or private. Users can freely join public chats and find them using the in-app search function, while private chats require an invitation. They support flexible administrative rights and can use robots for monitoring to prevent spam and unwanted activity. Groups can be divided into topics, effectively creating subgroups dedicated to different topics, each with its own settings.Admins can hide the list of group members or post anonymously. Similarly, groups and channels can have content protection enabled to prevent screenshots, media transfer and upload. Ownership of channels and groups can be transferred to one of the administrators if the owner wants to waive his rights.Groups support threaded replies, where opening a message’s context menu allows a panel with replies in a thread and subsequent replies in a thread. Specific users can be tagged in a group by adding @username to the message, where “username” is that user’s username.Groups and channels also support polls, which can be open or anonymous and support multiple choices. When polls are broadcast, the response data is saved and all votes cast in other conversations are counted.Channels are one-way channels where the channel owner or admins can post content, while followers can only read, react and comment if comments are enabled. You can create channels to send messages to an unlimited number of subscribers. Only channel admins can see the list of channel subscribers. Channel posting is anonymous, although admins can add signatures to their posts. Channels provide accurate statistics on views, user growth and interactions and are also visible only to administrators. Channel owners can use Telegram to create giveaways and randomly reward channel members based on certain criteria with prizes for their followers, such as Telegram Premium subscriptions. Users with a Telegram Premium subscription have several andquot;boostsandquot; what they can give channels that allow the channel to “level up” and level; and opens up features like the ability to customize messages or post stories as a channel.In December 2019, Bloomberg News moved its messaging-based news service from WhatsApp to Telegram after bulk and automated messages were previously banned. Other news services that have official channels on the platform include the Financial Times, Business Insider and The New York Times.The channels were also used by governments and heads of state. Notable examples are Volodymyr Zelensky and Emmanuel Macron. Journalists used channels to create independent news networks for oppressive regimes..

Video and voice calls

In late March 2017, Telegram launched its encrypted voice calls. The connection is established peer-to-peer if possible, otherwise the closest server to the client is used. According to Telegram, there is a neural network that aims to learn various technical parameters of the call to provide a better service for future use.Telegram added group voice chats in December 2020. Any group or channel administrator can start a chat that is open to all members and continues even if no one is currently using it. Admins can mute members by default or by choice, and create invite links that add people who are muted by default. Members can use the raise hand button to indicate that they want to speak. A push-to-talk option is available in mobile versions with hotkeys to mute and unmute Telegram desktop. Group or channel administrators can join a group or channel by hiding their personal account. Users can also record conversations with a red dot warning while recording.Telegram announced in April 2020 that they will be adding group video calling by the end of the year. On August 15, 2020, Telegram added video calls with full encryption. A picture-in-picture mode is also available, which allows you to use other features of the application during a call. In June 2021, Telegram introduced group video calling to all its customers. Users can stream video from their camera, share their screen, or do both at the same time. Group calls support optional screen sharing, split screen and better noise cancellation. In July 2021, Telegram introduced the ability for up to 1,000 people to watch streaming video. Live broadcasts support an unlimited number of participants and third-party software such as OBS Studio and XSplit support custom interfaces and overlays..


Telegram has been used to spread hateful messages and illegal activities such as illegal pornography, criminal contacts and illegal goods and services such as drugs and stolen personal information. According to Wired, Telegram does almost no content control except to remove illegal pornography and incitement to violence..


In September 2015, Pavel Durov responded to a question about the use of Telegram by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS): andquot;I believe that at the end of the day privacy and our right to privacy are more important than ours. fears about bad things like terrorism.andquot; Durov sarcastically suggested banning these words because terrorists use them to communicate. ISIS recommended Telegram to its supporters and members, and in October 2015 they were able to double the number of followers on their official channel to 9,000. In November 2015, Telegram announced that it had blocked 78 ISIS-controlled public channels for spreading propaganda and mass communication. Telegram said it would block public channels and bots linked to terrorism, but would not respect politically motivated censorship, and quot; based on “local restrictions on free speech” and that it allowed for the peaceful expression of alternative opinions [240] The use of ISIS and Telegram reignited the encryption debate, and encrypted messaging applications came under renewed scrutiny.In August 2016, French counterterrorism investigators alleged that two ISIS-led terrorists who murdered a priest in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, Normandy, and filmed the killing, communicated via Telegram and used the app to coordinate their activities. . attack plans & quot;. The media wing of ISISand#039 later released a video on Telegram in which the couple pledged fidelity. A CNN news report claimed that Telegram has become known as the main means of communication for the terrorist group ISIS and was used by the ISIS cell that planned the Paris terror attacks in November, andquot; after the attacks. The Daily Mirror called Telegram a jihadi messaging program and application.In June 2017, the Russian communications agency Roskomnadzor hinted at the possibility of blocking Telegram in Russia due to terrorist use.In July 2017, Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, director general of applications and information technology at Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, said that eleven Telegram DNS servers were blocked because many of the service’s channels promoted radicalism, terrorism, hatred, bomb making. , civil attack, disturbing images and other Indonesian propaganda.against laws and regulations.andquot; In August 2017, Indonesia unblocked Telegram LLP in retaliation for negative content.In November 2019, Telegram participated in the Euroland#039 Internet Reference Day event. As a result, Telegram has expanded and strengthened its efforts to identify and remove terrorist content. More than 43,000 terror-related bots and channels have been removed from Telegram. According to US officials, the crackdown on Telegram was particularly effective and appeared to be permanent. According to Europol, Telegram has gone to great lengths to remove abusers from its platform..

Child and teenage pornography

The program was used to distribute pornographic material, including child and adolescent pornography. Telegram’s internal reporting system has the ability to report content that contains “child abuse,” including certain messages in groups and channels. The company has a controlled channel called “Stop Child Abuse”, which publishes daily statistics on the number of groups and channels banned for sharing illegal material. It also provides an email address to report child abuse.In January 2021, North Macedonian media reported that a now-banned Telegram group with more than 7,000 members called the “Public Roomandquot; (andquot;Јавна собаandquot;) used to share nude pictures of women, often young teenage girls. Along with shared photos, the anonymous accounts shared the women’s private information, such as phone numbers and social media profiles, encouraging group members to contact the women and ask for sexual favors. This was done without prior agreement or the knowledge of the women, causing a strong public backlash and calls for the group to be closed. The President of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, and the Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, demanded an immediate response from Telegram and threatened to completely limit the use of the application in the country if no action was taken. The group was banned following reports from users and the media, although no public statement was made..

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2021 shutdown of Russian political

In September 2021, ahead of Russian regional elections, Telegram suspended several bots disseminating information about the election, including one criticized by the opposition party and current President Vladimir Putin and the #039 government, citing election silence. although a blog post by the company and the CEO implied that the company followed Apple and Google, who “dictate the rules of the game to developers” and quote. Allies of Kremlin critic and former opposition leader Alexei Navalny criticized the blocking of a key smart voting bot. Navalny and his spokesman Kira Yarmysh called for blocking and removing from app stores the tactical voting software and censorship imposed by private companies. In a later blog, Durov directly said that the block was due to pressure from Google and Apple, because refusing to comply with their policies would result in the immediate termination of millions of Telegram users, and quot;. The post included a screenshot of an internal email sent by the App Store to developers requesting the removal of content related to Navalny..

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2022 Delhi High Court

Telegram was ordered on November 24 to reveal the names, phone numbers and IP addresses of channel administrators accused of distributing study materials for state exams without permission as per a Delhi High Court order. Telegram initially claimed that its regional servers are located in Singapore, so the data could not be released because local laws prohibit it..


Dark Side of Telegram

Security Issues
Concerns regarding user privacy and data protection have been raised by Telegram’s weaknesses and security breaches, even with its encryption.

Misuse of the Platform: Telegram has been used for criminal activities such as the distribution of unlawful content and the organization of crimes, because to its anonymity and encrypted nature.

Impact on Society

Disseminating false information
Because of the platform’s openness, fake news has spread quickly, causing societal discontent and eroding confidence in trustworthy sources.

Threats to Cybersecurity
Law enforcement and cybersecurity professionals face serious issues as a result of Telegram’s use as a hub for cybercriminals amid an increase in cyberthreats.

One of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world is Telegram. Part of its success is due to its high privacy protection and its social network features such as the channels, which are virtual rooms where only the admins can send and receive messages to all its users.

However, these same features also led to borderline activities and, like many Online Social Networks, a large number of fake accounts.

Telegram started to address this issue by introducing verified and scam marks on the channels. However, the issue is far from solved.

In this article, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of Telegram. We collect 35,382 channels and more than 130,000 messages.

We analyze the channels that Telegram classifies as verified or scam. We look at analogies and differences between the two. Then, we look at the unmarked channels.

Here, we identify some of the most notorious activities also found on privacy-protecting Dark Web services: carding, sharing illegal adult and copyright-protected content.

We also identify and analyze two more types of channels:

the clone and

the fakes. A clone is a channel that publishes exactly the same content as another channel in order to attract subscribers and advertise services. On the other hand, a fakes is a channel that tries to pretend to be a celebrity or a well-known service. Fakes are extremely difficult to identify, even for the most savvy users. To automatically detect the fake channels, we recommend a machine learning model with an 86% accuracy rate.

Lastly, we look at Sabmyk a conspiracy theory that used fakes and cloned channels to spread rapidly on the platform, reaching over 1.000,000 users.

Ways to Address Issues

Increased Security Protocols
Stricter security guidelines and ongoing observation could lessen the platform’s weaknesses and safeguard user information.

Community Standards
The dissemination of false information and illegal activity may be reduced with the establishment of stricter content moderation policies and community standards.


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No. Telegram is a great open source app .The messages and files are stored in server unlike whatsapp crap. Many channels and groups are mostly of discussing tech related like python,android etc and rest includes movie channels,memes and some fun stuff. The main reason most use is that messages and files remain in server even if you uninstall the app .Huge and bulky files can be stored .Most importantly its open source which is just great.

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Despite its reputation as a safe and secure messaging app, Telegram’s misuse and societal consequences make it difficult to balance privacy and security with its darker side.

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