Samsung Collaborating with Tesla at CES 2024?

SmartThings Energy is the first to integrate with Tesla’s API to enhance residential energy experience and Samsung Collaborating with Tesla at CES 2024. Samsung is also working with Hyundai to eventually integrate SmartThings into its cars.

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Samsung announced today that it is entering into agreements with Tesla and Hyundai to integrate both companies and products to your SmartThings app.Samsung is the first to use the Tesla API to connect SmartThings Energy to Tesla electric cars and its Powerwall home battery, solar inverter and wall charger. The SmartThings app then displays information about users and for production, conservation and use of energy.SmartThings also syncs with Powerwall andquot;Storm Watchandquot; function andquot;In case of extreme weather events such as typhoons or heavy rain, users can receive alerts through the SmartThings app on their connected Samsung TVs and mobile phones in addition to the Tesla app,andquot; Samsung says.AI Energy Mode can also extend the Tesla Powerwall’s stored energy reserve before and during power outages..

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Samsung will introduce the Tesla integration next week and at CES. Implementation is expected in the second quarter.. and Samsung Collaborating with Tesla at CES 2024?

The company also announced a partnership to eventually integrate SmartThings into connected cars from Hyundai and Kia. The companies say they are “developing solutions for future lifestyles” so don’t expect anything anytime soon.However, when they do go out, look for Home to Car and Car to Home services, which connect the smart home to the vehicle’s infotainment systems, enabling two-way remote control.andquot;.

From inside the house, for example, use the SmartThings app to start a car, turn on the A/C, close windows, and check charging status. From the car, meanwhile, use the app or infotainment system to control of home appliances such as TVs and air conditioners.

Samsung aims to integrate the vehicles with SmartThings routines. A “good morning” routine would automatically open your curtains, turn on the TV, and turn on the car and adjust the temperature when you’re ready to go. Routines could also turn on your home’s lights and adjust your thermostat when it notices that you’re driving home.

Samsung says it’s working with its Harman subsidiary, which makes a digital cockpit, to integrate SmartThings functions.

Samsung’s use of the Tesla API is part of its ongoing efforts to make significant progress in the Net Zero Home project and improve the multi-device experience for SmartThings users.“We at Tesla are excited to add the ability to our products to communicate with other smart devices and software in our customers’ homes. We recently released a FleetAPI that allows developers to communicate with Powerwall, Solar and Wall Connector in addition to our vehicles. We are pleased that Samsung has chosen to be an early developer, given its leadership in consumer smart home technology. Customers can view the status of their grid connections across multiple devices and intelligently manage home loads to extend their Powerwall’s energy when they are not online,” said Drew Baglino, Tesla..

SmartThings Energy connected to Tesla Powerwall will be first shown at the Samsung booth at CES® 2024. The actual service is currently in development and is targeted to launch in the second quarter of 2024.2 Please note that the features described above are subject to change.

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