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How to Track Your Bag to vpn and Smooth Vacation

How to Track Your Bag to vpn and Smooth Vacation

track your bag

How to Track Your Bag and Smooth Vacation

From tracking your bag to VPN, 7 tech tips for a smooth vacation

I have been to 32 different countries and I can tell you that traveling can be stressful. But a little know-how and planning can make your vacation more relaxing than stressful.
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Stick to sites you know and trust.
Scammers are great at creating fake travel apps and websites to trick you – and AI tools make it easy. Fortunately, there are signs to look out for and help you avoid them.

◾ Check Official Resources: The Better Business Bureau can be a great help in determining the legitimacy of a business. The agency lists real companies; if you can’t find the one you work with, it’s better to run away.

◾ Online Reviews and Ratings: Read online reviews and ratings from sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp or Google. Incredibly positive and negative reviews can be fake. Maintain a balance of reviews and consistent topics.
◾ Accreditation and Licensing: Many legitimate travel agents are members of recognized industry organizations such as the American Society of Travel Consultants or are accredited by the International Air Transport Association. Check their website for login details.

◾ Transparent Pricing: Legitimate websites will inform you clearly and upfront about all costs. Beware of sites with hidden fees or where costs are not clearly explained.
◾ Secure payment options: reputable travel websites offer safe and well-known payment options. Avoid sites that only allow wire transfers or wire transfers.
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Save your bag
Lost luggage can ruin your trip. Many major airlines (including United, American, Delta and Air New Zealand) allow you to track your luggage in real-time using the airline’s official app, so download it before you travel.
Pro tip: Searching app stores can result in duplicates. Go to your airline’s official website and look for the application link in the header or footer.

For added peace of mind, I throw an Apple AirTag into the provided bags.
◾ Apple’s AirTags are perfect for iPhone, Mac or iPad.
◾ The Tile Essentials four-pack has a variety of tags for keys, wallets, suitcases, or whatever else you want to try. It is a good alternative to Android.

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Set up Gmail and Drive offline.
Sometimes the connection is so bad that you can’t even download your mailbox. Fortunately, you can still rank your answers if you plan.
In Gmail on desktop:
◾ Press the settings wheel > Show all settings.
◾ Select the offline tab and check the box next to Enable Offline Email.
◾ Choose here how many days of mail you want to sync.
◾ Click Save Changes.
Now do the same with your most used documents in Google Drive. You have to do this for every document, so take care of it beforehand.
First enable the device:

◾ Open Google Drive.
◾ Click the settings wheel in the upper right corner and click Settings.
◾ Enable offline.
According to the save mode, the latest files are automatically saved offline. To select files manually:
◾ For the file you want to use, choose File > Enable Offline.
Points, in-flight Wi-Fi! Before we start browsing…
Most of us see a website name that looks right and click on it without thinking. This is what pirates are looking for! Fraudsters can create fake Wi-Fi networks with almost the same names as the airline. If you’re not careful, you could end up connecting to a fake network instead of a legitimate network.
If several options look the same, ask the airline which network is correct. Hey, they might even give you a PSA if you spot a fake.

And turn on a VPN
Usually what you do on the Internet is open to anyone with the right knowledge. A VPN (virtual private network) encrypts your data – acting as protection against prying eyes. VPNs aren’t as reliable in the air, but they’re still worth using.
They are not optional if you visit a website that contains financial or other identifiable material information.

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Check your AirDrop settings
I once got a weird picture on my phone at the airport. I looked around and saw laughing teenagers. Yes, it was fun, but not all pranks are innocent.
Text recorders track everything you type, and criminals like to bypass them using Apple’s AirDrop feature. Don’t settle for being dropped by strangers while flying.
On iPhone:
◾ Go to Settings > General > AirDrop.
You can set your phone to reject all AirDrop requests, allow them only from contacts, or allow them from everyone. (The latter is not the best idea for traveling.)
On a Mac:
◾ Click Control Center in the menu bar (it’s the icon with two switches).
◾ Click the AirDrop button. From here you can turn it on or off and choose who can send items.
Your phone is worth a lot more
It’s worth a lot more than just the amount someone might sell it for. (Although that’s a pretty attractive amount if you have a newer phone.) Think about all the accounts involved: your bank and other financial apps, your emails and private text messages containing who knows what.
◾ When you’re in a public place, protect your PIN. If you really need to unlock your phone in front of people, use Face ID or a fingerprint.
◾ Don’t use a simple PIN either. No four numbers! Do this for as long as you remember.
◾ If you don’t want to use Face ID, use a password with numbers and letters if your phone allows it..

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