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free hacking software and tool

free-hacking-software is designed to provide an educational and informational view of free hacking software with an emphasis on ethical use and how to balance the benefits with free-hacking-software the risks.

Section 1: Understanding Hacking Software

🛡️ Deciphering Hacking Software 💻

This section will describe, classify, and explain the differences between hacking tools that are malevolent and those that are ethical.

Section 2: Advantages of Hacking Software

🔦 Unveiling the Benefits of Hacking Tools 🚀

This article will examine the benefits of use hacking software in morally sound situations. Its main emphasis will be on how it contributes to improving cybersecurity procedures and testing security solutions.

Section 3: Disadvantages of Hacking Software

⚠️ Navigating the Pitfalls of Hacking Software 🚨

The ethical and legal ramifications of employing hacking software without authority will be covered in this segment. It will cover possible dangers and how they could affect people and organizations.

Section 4: Popular Free Hacking Software

🧰 Exploring Top Free Hacking Tools ⚙️

This section introduces several well-known free hack tools from different categories. It briefly describes the purpose and usefulness of each tool in the field of cyber security

Section 5: Engaging Customers Ethically

🤝 Promoting Ethical Engagement in Cybersecurity 🛡️

The focus here is to highlight ethical and responsible coding practices. It encourages readers to learn about cyber security in an informed and ethical way.

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Top Ethical Hacking Tools to Watch Out For in 2024

1. Invicti

Invicti is a web application security scanner hacking tool that automatically finds SQL Injection, XSS, and web application or service vulnerabilities.

It is usually available as a SAAS solution Functions: It detects Dead’s exact vulnerability using unique evidence-based scanning technology.

It requires minimal configuration with a scalable solution. It automatically detects URL rewriting rules and common 404 error pages.

There is a REST API that enables seamless integration with SDLC and defect tracking systems. It scans up to 1000 more online applications in just 24 hours. Price: It costs $4,500 to $26,600 with Invict safety features.


This open source application is the official Nmap Security Scanner software and is multi-purpose. Zenmap is perfect for all experienced hackers from beginners to experienced hackers.

Among its features:

Administrators can track new hosts or services that appear on their networks and existing services that have crashed Graphical and interactive viewing of results Able to create topological maps of discovered networks


Medusa is one of the best web-based fast, brute-force parallel password cracking tools for ethical hackers. Functions:

Has a flexible user interface that can be configured in a variety of ways Supports many services that enable remote authentication One of the best tools for thread-based parallel testing and brute force testing



SBoxr is another open source hacking tool that emphasizes vulnerability.

It has a favorable reputation as a customizable tool that allows hackers to create their own custom security scanners.

Its main features are:

Easy to use and GUI based Supports Ruby and Python Uses a powerful and efficient scan engine Create reports in RTF and HTML formats Checks for vulnerabilities in more than two dozen types of networks


IKECrack is an authentication cracking tool that has the advantage of being open source.

This tool is designed to perform dictionary or brute force attacks.

IKECrack has a solid reputation for successfully completing encryption tasks.

Its features include:   Strong emphasis on cryptography Ideal for business and personal use for free

6.Rainbow crack

Here is another entry on password cracking.

It uses rainbow arrays to hash hashes and uses an in-memory algorithm to achieve this.

Its features include:

Works on Windows and Linux Command line and graphical user interfaces Uniform rainbow table file format


It is a password recovery and verification tool that can identify and assess password vulnerabilities on local networks and machines.


Easy to configure Fix problems with weak passwords by forcing password resets or locking accounts Optimize your hardware with multi-core and multi-GPU

8.hash cat

Password cracking is a big part of ethical hacking and Hashcat is a solid cracking tool.

It can help ethical hackers check password protection, recover lost passwords, and find information stored in hashes.

Notable features include:

Open source code Multi-platform support Supports decentralized cracking networks Supports automatic performance tuning


Online control WebInspect is an automated dynamic testing tool that is suitable for ethical hacking.

It provides hackers with dynamic comprehensive analysis of complex web applications and services.

Its features include:

Allows users to manage scans with relevant statistics and information instantly Includes a variety of techniques suitable for all levels of testers,

from beginners to professionals Test the dynamic behavior of web applications to identify security holes



If you want a hacker security tool that scans online cloud systems for vulnerabilities, look no further.With QualysGuard, companies improve their compliance and security solutions by adding security to digital transformation projects.

Main features:

Globally trusted online hacking tool A scalable, complete solution for all types of IT security Real-time data analysis Respond to threats in real time


It is one of the best ethical hacking tools available

. When used with LiveAction packages, it can diagnose network problems more efficiently and quickly.

Among its best features:

Easy to use workflow Automating online automated data collection is fast enough to enable quick response to security alerts Its packet intelligence provides in-depth analytics On-site commissioning for use in equipment

12.Traceroute NG

is a command-line based tool that specializes in network path analysis. This tool can be used to identify host names, packets lost, and IP addresses. It can be used to perform accurate network path analysis via the command line interface. Some of the features of this tool include:

Traceroute supports IPv4 and IPv6 networks
Traceroute can detect path changes and notify you about them
Traceroute allows continuous network probing

13.Security Event Manager

The SolarWinds security event manager focuses on computer security improvement. It automatically detects threats and monitors security policies.

You can easily monitor your log files and receive instant alerts if something suspicious happens.


Integrity Monitoring
Intuitive dashboard
User interface
Best SIEM tools
Easy to manage memory stick storage

14.What is an angry IP scanner?

Angry IP scanner is a free software for scanning IP address and ports. However, it is not clear why it is so angry.

This software can be used on the internet or on your local network.

It works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.

It can export results in various formats.

It has a command-line interface.

It is extensible with many data fetches.

15.The John the Ripper

Password Cracker is a free password cracking tool that was designed for the detection of UNIX weak passwords. It can be used with DOS, Windows or Open VMS operating systems. It has the following features:

Customizable Cracker
Multiple Password Crackers in One Bundle
Dictionary Attacks
Different Encrypted Passwords

16.Burp Suite

is a security-testing tool that comes in three price levels: Community (free), Professional ($399 per user/year), and Enterprise ($3999 per year). Burp Suite is a web vulnerability scanner that offers the following features:

Schedule and repeat scans
Use external techniques
Offer CI integration


is primarily used for link analysis and data extraction. It is available in four versions: the free Community version (Maltego CE), Maltego Classic (Maltego Classic for $999), Maltego XL (Maltego XL for $1999) and the server products (Comms, CTAS and ITDS) starting from $40000.

Maltego is well-suited for working with large graphs. It supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

It performs real-time information collection and data mining.

It displays results in clear graphics.


Ettercap is a free plug-in creation tool. It includes content filtering, live connections sniffer, network and host analysis, active and passive dissection, and many protocols.


is a free and open-source SQL Injection vulnerability analysis and control software that automates the detection and exploitation of SQL Injection flaws.

You can connect directly to specific databases using SQLMap.

SQLMap supports a dozen different SQL injection techniques (i.e., Boolean-Based Blind, Error-Based, Stacked Queries, Time-Based Blind, UNION Query-Based, Out-of-Band, etc.).

SQLMap has powerful detection engine, supports executing arbitrary commands, and supports MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL databases.


is a fully-featured tool that performs validated and un-certified testing and performs performance tuning. OpenVAS is designed for large-scale vulnerability scans.

OpenVAS supports a wide range of high-level (and low-level) Internet and industry protocols, and is supported by a powerful internal programming language.


21. Wireshark

hacking software is a great tool for analyzing data packets.

It can also perform deep inspection of many established protocols.

Wireshark can be used to perform live capture and offline analysis.

It also supports cross-platform support. Additionally, Wireshark allows you to export the results of your analysis to various file formats such as CSV, Postscript, Plaintext, XML, etc.

It also allows you to add color rules to the packet lists to make it easier to analyze.

The best thing about Wireshark is that it is free to use.



is a command-line tool for ethical hackers to check and evaluate the security of Wi-Fi networks.

It is used to attack, monitor, test, and crack the security of the network.

It supports various platforms, including Windows, OSX, Linux, and eComStation.

It can also be used to export data into text files. It can also crack WEP key and WPA 2-PSK. It can also check the Wi-Fi card.

As the number of people using wireless networks continues to grow, it is essential to keep the network secure.


is an open-source framework designed for penetration testing.

It allows ethical hackers to create and run exploit codes on remote targets.

The framework supports cross-platform support, is ideal for identifying security vulnerabilities, and is great for evading detection and creating anti-forensics tools.

Metasploit Professional is a commercial version of the framework. You can try it out for 14 days for free.


is a free and open-source tool for security and port scanning. It is also a tool for network exploration. It can be used for single hosts as well as for large networks. Cybersecurity professionals can use it to keep track of network inventory, monitor host and service availability, and manage service upgrades.

What is Nmap?

It is an open source tool for security, port scanning, and network exploration.

It can be used to keep track of networks, hosts, and services.

It is available in binary packages (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X).

It has a data transfer and redirection and debugging tool.

It also has results and GUI viewer.


is a fully automated vulnerability scanner that scans for cybersecurity vulnerabilities, analyzes the risks identified, and helps resolve them. It automates most of the work in vulnerability management and provides more than 9000 security controls.

Intruder detects missing patches, incorrect configurations, and common vulnerabilities in web applications such as cross-site scripting, SQL Injection, and more.

It integrates with Slack and Jira, as well as major cloud providers.

It prioritizes results based on context, and automatically scans systems for the most recent vulnerabilities.



is a tool that emulates how hackers operate. Netsparker detects vulnerabilities in APIs and web applications, including cross-site scripting (SSW) and SQL Injection (SQL Injection).

Netsparker is available as an online service or Windows software. Netsparker uniquely verifies vulnerabilities, demonstrating that they are real and not false positives.

Netsparker saves time by eliminating manual verification.


is a fully automated ethical hacking tool that detects and reports on over 4,500 web vulnerabilities including all versions of XSS (Cross-site scripting) and SQL (SQL Injection).

Acuneetix is fully supported in JavaScript, HTML, and Single-Page applications, allowing you to audit complex, authenticated applications.

The core features of Acuneetix include Consolidated view, Integration of Scanner Results into other Platforms and Tools, Prioritizing Risks Based on Data.


is an ethical hacking software that works on Windows operating systems and is used to avoid wardriving. It is able to detect IEEE 902, 802, 802.11g and 802. 11b networks.

A newer version of the software is available now.

This ethical hacking software can be used to identify the access point (AP) network configuration, to find causes of interference, to access the strength of received signals, and to detect unauthorized access points.

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It is the best ethical hacking tool to test wireless networks and hack wireless LAN or wardriving. It passively detects networks and collects packets and detects non-beacons and hidden networks using data traffic. Kismet is basically a sniffer and wireless network detector that works with other wireless cards and supports raw monitoring mode. Key features of Kismet hacking software are: Works with a Linux operating system that can be Ubuntu, backtrack or more Windows are sometimes hit


Nikto is a web scanner that scans and tests multiple web servers for outdated software, dangerous CGI files or files, and other issues.

It is able to perform both server-specific and generic checks and prints by capturing received cookies. It’s a free, open-source tool that scans 270 servers for version-specific problems and detects default programs and files.

Here are some key features of Nikto hacking software:

An open source tool Scans web servers and detects over 6400 potentially dangerous CGI or files Scans servers for outdated versions and version-specific issues Checks for extensions and misconfigured files Detects unprotected programs and files

31,Nmap (Network Mapper)

Port scanning which is one of the steps of ethical hacking is the best hacking software of all time.

It was primarily a command-line tool that was then developed for Linux or Unix-based operating systems, and now a Windows version of Nmap is also available.

Nmap is basically a network security mapper that can find services and hosts on the network and thus create a network map. This software provides a number of features that help explore computer networks, discover hosts, and identify operating systems.

Since the script is extensible, it provides advanced vulnerability protection and can also adapt to network conditions such as congestion and latency during scanning.

32.Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel is an operating system password recovery tool provided by Microsoft.

It is used to recover MS Access passwords It can be used in snuff nets The password field can be revealed. It breaks encrypted passwords using dictionary attacks, brute force and cryptanalysis attacks.

Price: It is free. It can be downloaded from open source.

33.Fortify WebInspect

Fortify WebInspect is a hacking tool with comprehensive dynamic analysis security in automated mode for complex web applications and services.

  • It is used to identify security vulnerabilities by allowing it to test the dynamic behavior of running web applications.
  • It can keep the scanning in control by getting relevant information and statistics.
  • It provides Centralized Program Management, vulnerability trending, compliance management, and risk oversight with the help of simultaneous crawl professional-level testing to novice security testers.

Price: It will cost around $29,494.00 provided by HP company with Tran security and virus protection.

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Hacking with malicious intent Understanding Malicious Hacking 🚨 Exposing the Dark Side of Hacking ⚔️ This section provides a comprehensive overview of malicious hacking, describing it as unauthorized and malicious activity designed to breach security, exploit vulnerabilities, and harm systems, data, or people.

Types of Malicious Hacking ⚠️ Check out the selection of harmful technologies 🕵️‍♂️ Different types of malicious blog hacking are covered here, including malware, phishing, DDoS attacks, ransomware and more.

Each type is explained and their destructive characteristics and impact on cyber security are highlighted. Risks and consequences 🔓 Risk and Crash Disclosure ☠️ This subsection highlights the risks associated with malicious hacking, such as data breaches, financial loss, reputational damage and legal consequences.

It provides a comprehensive picture of the devastating consequences for individuals, organizations and society as a whole. This section delves into the malicious intent of hacking, sheds light on its destructive nature and the threats it poses to digital ecosystems. The large number of words allows for detailed research and provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the ins and outs of cyber security.

How do you use hacking software and tool;

Here’s how to get started with any hacking software from the list above or anywhere else on the internet you can find:

Download and install your favorite hacking software After installation, run the software Select and configure the launch options for your hack tool Familiarize yourself with the tool’s user interface and features;

get acquainted with it Test the software using a preconfigured external browser Use hacking software to scan websites or conduct penetration tests


🔚 Concluding Thoughts on Free Hacking Software 🌐

This structure is designed to provide an educational and informational view of free hacking software with an emphasis on ethical use and how to balance the benefits with the risks.

The key points of this structure are:

Recognizing the need for ethical use of free hacking software

Understanding the importance of cybersecurity awareness

Understand the importance of responsible hacking practices

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