what is slack /how to use slack/slack adjusters[2024]

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what is slack /how to use slack/slack adjusters[2024]


Slack has revolutionized the way teams communicate and collaborate. Whether you’re part of a small startup or a large corporation, mastering Slack’s interface can significantly enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow. This guide will take you through every aspect of the Slack interface, ensuring you make the most out of this powerful tool



From the sidebar, you can access the channels you’ve joined, open your direct messages, view activity that might need your attention, and see a list of your saved items and reminders.


View of the Sidebar in Slack

  1. Home
    Home is where you access your conversations, including channels. Join and leave channels to choose the conversations you’re part of, and keep them organized with custom sections.

Organizing conversations in the Slack sidebar into customized sections.

Tip: Tailor what you see in your sidebar by adjusting your preferences whenever you need to.

  1. DMs
  2. Activity
  3. Later


Channels are fundamental to working in Slack – they bring the right people and information together in one place and make it possible to organize work around a common purpose.


View of an Example Channel in Slack

  1. Channel header
  2. Messages and files
  3. Emoji reactions

Click the channel name to see details about the channel you’re in, such as the channel topic, description, and files shared in the channel. You can also open the canvas and start a group huddle to meet with your teammates over a voice or video call.

Message Field

When working in Slack, you have various options available in the message field to help you communicate and connect with your team.


View of the Message Field in Slack

  1. Files
  2. Formatting
  3. Mentions
  4. More actions

Double-click the plus icon to add files so you can share important information alongside your team’s discussions.

Search, Create, and Profile

Use the search bar to find something in Slack, the plus button to create something new, and click your profile picture to manage your profile and preferences.


View of the Slack Interface

  1. Search bar
  2. Create
  3. Your profile

Click on the search bar to search your team’s conversation history in Slack and find the messages, files, channels, and people you need to get work done.

And Even More

Click on More for even more ways to use Slack. Automate tasks, create and share content, and work with people outside your organization.

View of the Slack Interface

  1. Automations
  2. Canvases
  3. External connections




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Automations help streamline repetitive tasks. You can create workflows and connect Slack with other apps to automate your daily routines, such as collecting feedback or scheduling meetings.


Canvases are collaborative spaces within Slack. They can be used for brainstorming sessions, project planning, or any activity that benefits from a shared workspace.

External Connections

Slack supports external connections, allowing you to collaborate with people outside your organization. This is ideal for partnerships, client interactions, and cross-company projects.

Tips and Tricks

To make the most of Slack, familiarize yourself with shortcuts and commands. These can save you time and make navigation more efficient. Also, consider best practices like organizing channels by project or department and using consistent naming conventions.


Mastering the Slack interface can significantly enhance your team’s productivity. By understanding and utilizing the various features and customization options, you can create a workspace that is tailored to your needs. Dive in, explore, and make Slack work for you.

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How do I create a custom section in the sidebar?
To create a custom section, go to your sidebar preferences and click on “Create a new section.” Name your section and add the desired channels or conversations to it.

What is the best way to organize channels?
Organize channels by project, department, or function. Use clear, descriptive names and consider adding prefixes or emojis for easy identification.

How can I use Slack for project management?
Utilize channels for different projects, assign tasks using messages and reminders, and use integrations with project management tools like Trello or Asana for a seamless workflow.

What are some useful Slack integrations?
Popular integrations include Google Drive for file sharing, Zoom for video meetings, and GitHub for code management. Explore the Slack App Directory for more options.

How do I set up a workflow automation in Slack?
Go to the Automations section, choose “Create Workflow,” and follow the prompts to set up triggers and actions that automate your tasks. You can use templates or create custom workflows.


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