Custom XUL Development

Given the number of people using internet and the amount of time they spend on souring the web for information, a large–scale need for browser toolbars, add–ons, plug–ins, and other browser widgets that would go on to enhance the web browsing experience for internet users has surfaced. And Mozilla, in their bid to address these needs, conceived XUL (XML User Interface Language), an XML-based language which would be used for developing browser widgets such as toolbars, add–ons and plug–ins.

Through comprehensive research and study, CTD has achieved proficiency in developing Mozilla toolbars and other widgets using the XUL technology. Our team of experienced XUL developer provides XUL development, Firefox extension development, XUL programming, custom XUL plugin development and custom Firefox plugin extension development.

Custom XUL Development at CTD

Availing custom XUL development services through this firm is as easy as it could be. It is a simple six–step process, wherein we gather your requirements, conduct a thorough analysis on them, decide on the scope of the deliverable, commence coding and development in line with the scope, run a quality check on the output and finally deliver the solution.

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