About Us

About Us

CTD offers professional customized solutions for over 11 years with its constant innovative technologies. Since its inception in 2003, this firm has seen an ever increasing number of satisfied customers from all over the world. Owing to our Extensive Team of experienced professionals with web and mobile application development expertise we have managed to achieve a higher stand in the world of IT. We render not just solutions but a cost effective and technology driven leverage to a business.

The web world is getting larger than life at every single moment. No stone is left unturned to build a huge Information excess hub online. With every advanced technology the excess to web is becoming a child’s game. Just offering a range of Browsers cannot be called done. Among the countless software development services that are offered at this one stop IT shop, CTD is one economic solution that attracts innumerous users to your services as they are featured exclusively on the browser. With a sound experience in application development the talents at CTD, brings to you customized toolbar with maximum functionality. CTD has increased the efficiency of the web and has made the browsers multi-tasking and raised its effectiveness drastically. Toolbar serves much more than mere links. With GUI (Graphical User Interface), toolbars give an easy access to the extended functionality of the application development program.

We believe in building a mutually beneficial relationship with each of our clients and satisfy their requirements. We approach their needs, analyze logically, add all the necessary input, design an effective customized toolbar, manage the applications and build a high end solution that serve countless benefits to e-commerce.

  • More visitors are brought to a site with the increased add-ons and pug-ins present on a single customized toolbar
  • The presence of logos and brand images in a peculiar color on the toolbars, talks loud about the brand image of company
  • The active web widgets on the toolbars give a complete extensive platform for the web applications development
  • A strong impression is created on the web with the permanent visibility of the toolbar’s presence on the browser
  • The increased usage gives a competitive edge to rest of the web players


A refined array of widgets like buttons, search box, drop down box, pug-ins, add-ons, etc. is placed on the customized toolbar. This gives a prolific boast to the functionality of the browser through activation of the countless widgets like pop up blocker, banners, news ticker, 404 & DNS error redirect, current weather and Install additional functions and features and much more.

Our custom toolbar development service includes Hire toolbar developers, Firefox toolbar development, IE toolbar development, Chrome toolbar development, xul programming, etc.

Join hand with us to enhance the business opportunities through Custom Toolbar Development India and experience 100% customer satisfaction.

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